Mold Inspections

Regina Mold Inspection, Mold Detection 

Our fully certified mold evaluators will investigate your home to determine if mold is present.

A comprehensive evaluation report will be presented:

*informing you if mold is present
*indicating suspected moisture sources
*recommendations for source repairs
*recommendations for remediation (if required)

Calibre Home Inspection Services
Regina Mold Inspection basement, crawlspace, finished basement areas showing moisture
       stains/water damage
Regina Mold Inspection attics
Regina Mold Inspection finished areas showing moisture staining/water damage
Regina Mold Inspection heating/ventilation systems

Regina Mold Investigation
Once mold is suspected in your home our team of experts
uses various methods of collection to send to our accredited lab.
Results are returned to you in approximately 3-5 days. (rush service available)

Calibre Home Inspection Services
Regina Mold Inspection air testing
Regina Mold Inspection surface samples(swab/tape samples)
Regina Mold Inspection bulk samples
Regina Mold Inspection culture samples(7-10 days turnaround to grow culture)

Regina Mold Investigation
Upon receipt of results Calibre Home Inspection Services will present you with the evaluation report including lab results to help you determine if remediation is required.